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How to open a safe box?

How to open a safe box?

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Having a safe box in the home can make life less stressful.

With the living standards improving over the years, safe boxes have become more common than ever.

They can be used to store all kinds of valuables ranging from documents to jewelry to certificates and spare keys. Sources:

The opening mechanism of these safes can vary between types.

You may need to quickly access the valuables kept inside them.

It is crucial to understand how to open a safe box to avoid unnecessary stress and chaos when your valuables are needed.

How to open a safe?

Here are a series of steps to walk you through how to open your safe box.

  • Firstly, look for the combination of your safe in the instructions provided when you purchased your safe box.
  • Twist the dial to the left, carefully.
  • Count the number of times you pass the 1st number of the combination.
  • After passing it 3 times, line up the number properly.
  • Now, repeat the same process twice for the second number of the combination.
  • Carefully twist the dial to the left and pass the third and last number in the combination, just once.
  • Now, start turning the dial towards the left until you hear the safe unlocks.
  • Now, open the door of the safe.
  • Most importantly, pay special attention to the number of times when twisting the bolt towards the left. A mistake will mean repeating the whole process all over again.

The same process should be followed when you have a 4 or 5 digit combination lock.

All these steps can be useful for opening most of the safe boxes available with a few changes.

Unfortunately, if you have forgotten or lost the key for your safe box, you may need to try something else to open it.

How to open a safe box without a key?

  • Reaching out to a locksmith is perhaps the quickest way as it will ensure that your safe box is not damaged while trying to open it without a key.
  • Opening the safe with a knife may also do the trick. Using the sharp side of the knife, insert into the hole of the key. Twist the knife counterclockwise and clockwise several times. If you have a cheap safe box, this may open it.
  • You can also try similarly using a hammer and chisel to open the safe.
  • A screwdriver or a drill machine could equally be helpful.

Here’s a video demonstrating a unique way to open a digital safe box without the keys or any tools! Keep in mind this may not always work.

If all else fails, I recommend calling a locksmith. This way you are less likely to void its warranty.

In addition, you may need to reset a safe box password from time to time.

The process to change the password of a safe box:

  • Set the combination of the new unique code while the safe is open.
  • Move the locking level to reset the new combination key.
  • Make sure to test the code twice before you shut the safe box.

Keep your valuables protected using a safe box and refer to these guides when you need help either opening a safe box with (or without a key) and resetting its password!

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