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Make your house a smart home – we provide easy-to-understand guides to every smart device we think you’ll truly benefit from.

One the Road: Best Smart Devices for Cars

 New cars are pretty smart these days, but not all cars are new and in any case compatibility isn’t perfect. So, can your smart home reach out to your vehicle? And do you really want it to? Elsewhere on this site you’ll find references to geolocation and geofencing – the GPS location information from your phone […]

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How To Make Your Smart Home System Hack Proof?

 In the movies, hacking seems dark and mysterious, with numbers flying past the screen in green and black while the evil villain/genius hero types frantically, eventually breaking the password. In reality, things are a little less black and, er, green, but any system on a network can be hacked, so it’s best to take precautions.WHAT IS […]

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Raise of the Robots: Best Robot Vacuums and Lawnmowers

 In this article, I cover the best robot vacuum cleaners, the best robot lawn mowers, and more! Fifty-five years ago, The Jetsons promised us robot house cleaners and self-cleaning devices (though with a shocking health-and-­safety record). While Rosie the Robot might still be a few years away, more practical robots already exist. Task-specific design is what makes it […]

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