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The 6 Best Home Safes of 2024: Comprehensive reviews

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Finding the best safe for your home can be difficult. There’s loads to choose from; and the wrong decision can have disastrous consequences!

The secret to success is choosing a home safe that’s both secure enough to protect your valuables and easy enough to use on a daily basis.

With that in mind, here are 6 great home safes that aim to do just that.

I have categorized my picks by safe types - fire, small gun, long gun, wall, lockbox and budget.

And if none of them seem quite right, don’t worry, below these picks I’ll show you the seven simple steps that will guarantee you find the perfect home safe for your needs.

The Best Fire Safe

1. Hollon PM-2819E Fire Safe 

Hollon PM-2819E TL-15 rate safe - best fire safe

Hollon PM-2819E Fire Safe Summary

Security Rating: U.L. listed TL-15 Rated Safe
Fire Rating: 2 Hour Fire Resistant Factory Tested
Locking Type: Single Lock-S&G Spartan D-Drive Electronic Lock
Ext. Dimensions: 33.5″H x 24″W x 22.5″D
Int. Dimensions: 28″H x 18.5″W x 14.5″D
Capacity: 4.35 Cubic Feet
Weight (lbs): 1060 lbs


  • UL listed TL-15 Rated Safe
  • Excellent fire protection
  • Spacious


  • Has not been factory-tested for protection against water

Hollon’s tagline for this safe is, “This isn’t a safe. It's a fortress”, and I can say this with certainty that the company is right.

At its price point, this safe comes with a ton of features and is quite massive in size too.

There is ample space to store your belongings inside, and the safe will keep it well protected from burglars and even fires.

You will certainly not regret buying this safe.

So, if you’re “Fire Prone Area” and looking for a dependable cabinet safe that has a lot of space, this is a great choice. Also, this is a top pick if you live in a “Higher Risk”.

Read my full, hands-on review of the Hollon PM-2819E Fire Resistant Safe, which includes the best alternatives if it’s not right for you.

The Best Small Gun Safe

2. Vaultek VE10: Best Small Gun Safe

Vaultek VE10 best small gun safe

Vaultek VE10 Small Gun Safe Summary

Overall Score:4.7/5
Security Rating:No U.L. Listing
Fire Rating:The Vaultek V10 safe does not have a fire rating
Locking Type:Keypad lock for fast entry and over 40,000 unique combinations
Ext. Dimensions:10.6″H x 8.5″W x 2″D
Int. Dimensions:9.875″H x 5.375″W x 1.5″D
Capacity:0.046 Cubic Feet
Weight (lbs):5.29 lbs (shipping weight 7.8 lbs)


  • Instant access
  • Easily portable
  • 4 foot long steel security cable


  • The opening sound could be a problem if you needed to open the safe discreetly in an emergency.

The Vaultek VE10 safe is designed to provide quick access to a handgun and features a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, which lasts up to 4 months and only takes 2.5 hours to recharge.

It is a versatile small gun safe that can be mounted in the home or office, or even in your car, for mobile use.

It has a rugged design with anti-pry bars, interior hinges, and shielding to obstruct anyone who wants to try to break into it.

It comes with mounting holes and fittings as well as a 4-foot steel cable to make it even harder to steal the whole device.

A proximity sensor illuminates the keypad in low light situations, and an interior LED light comes on when the lid opens.

If an opportunist tries to guess the code and fails, as they should, it will time out for four minutes before they can try again.

This small gun safe is ideal for securing a handgun and clip or personal valuables.

If the Vaultek VE10 isn't right for you, check out my reviews of the 10 best gun safes.

The Best Long Gun Safe

3. INVIE Large Electronic Rifle Gun Quick Access 5-Gun Safe Cabinet for Standing Shotguns

INVIE Large Electronic Rifle Gun best long gun safe

INVIE Long Gun Safe Summary

Overall Score: 4.8/5
Security Rating: No U.L. Listing
Fire Rating: This product is not fireproof
Locking Type: Electronic digital lock
Ext. Dimensions: Main safe: 56.89”H x 13.58″W x 13.58″D
Small safe 7.48″H x 13.58″W x 13.58″D
Int. Dimensions: No internal dimensions are provided
Capacity: No internal dimensions are provided
Weight (lbs): 68.34 lbs


  • Will comfortably secure five rifles
  • The upper locker will hold additionally fit 2-3 small guns


  • The INVIE is unable to be bolted to the floor. It has bolt holes in the rear, but it might be too heavy to hang from a wall.

The INVIE Long Gun Safe looks smart and is ideal for a person owning multiple rifles and pistols, with to keep them safe from theft and children, while the authorised person can access them quickly when required.

The small safe contained within the housing is suitable for pistols, ammunition and has an additional lock for increased protection.

Built of solid steel and having protective edges, the INVIE product is ideal for home use, keeping weapons safe and secure from curious children who do not appreciate the potential risks.

It arrives fully assembled, ready to set up the codes and start loading it up. It features a digital keypad and has an emergency key.

The Best Wall Safe

4. Protex PWS-1814E Wall Safe

Protex PWS-1814E Electronic Keypad Wall Safe

Protex PWS-1814E Wall Safe Summary

Overall Score: 4.3/5
Security Rating: No U.L. Listing
Fire Rating: It is not fireproof but the manufacturer rated as fire resistant at 1200°F/649°C for 30 minutes.
Locking Type: Electronic keypad
Ext.Dimensions: 18.2″H x 14.1″W x 3.9″D
Int.Dimensions: 14″H x 18-1/8″W x 2.5″D
Capacity: Approx. 44 cubic feet
Weight (lbs): 28 lbs (shipping weight 32.8 lbs)


  • Mounts between wall studs and has a flange around the door so that you don’t have to replaster the wall.
  • The keypad is flush with the door so you can hang something in front of it and the door opens automatically upon entry of the code.


  • It only comes with one programmable and one master code.

The Protex PWS-1814E Wall Safe fits flush in the wall with a flange to keep it looking sharp, and you will not need to replaster the wall after installation.

The easy to program electronic digital keypad is recessed, flush with the door so that the safe won’t be visible behind artwork or other decoration.

If installed correctly, the door will open automatically. If too much torque is applied when installing the safe, the door may not automatically open as designed.

It is not a design fault, just something to be aware of so that it works correctly from day one.

It has two removable shelves, is ideal for personal valuables, and will also comfortably hold a pistol and clips.

Designed to be mounted between wall studs, removes the risk of someone trying to steal the whole safe.

A hidden LED light turns on when the safe opens so that you can locate items you wish to remove.

If the Protex PWS-1814E Wall Safe isn't what you're after, read my reviews of the 10 best wall safes of 2021.

The Best Lock Box

5. SentrySafe 1200 Fireproof Lock Box

SentrySafe 1200 Fireproof Box with Key Lock

SentrySafe 1200 Fireproof Lock Box Summary

Overall Score: 4.4/5
Security Rating: No U.L. Listing
Fire Rating: UL Classified to protect your documents and valuables for ½ hour at 1,550ºF (843ºC) ETL Verified to ensure internal temperatures remain safe for CD’s, DVD’s and USB’s Spec ID 39051.
Locking Type: Key lock
Ext.Dimensions: 14.3″H x 11.2″W x 6.1″D
Int.Dimensions: 12″H x 7.5″W x 3.5″D
Capacity: 0.18 Cubic Feet
Weight (lbs): 13 lbs (shipping weight 13.2 lbs)


  • Fireproof, portable and easy to carry
  • Perfect if there is a possibility of needing to take it in a hurry
  • Ideal for documents, cash, back up USBs/hard drives and other electronics


  • The lock only offers limited security and is relatively easy to pick.

I’ve often considered what would happen if I had to evacuate my home in the event of a fire or major disaster. That’s where this lock box comes into its own being both fireproof and portable.

When it comes to things like cash, passports and other valuable items, the ability to grab it and run makes this a worthwhile option, if not an addition to a fixed safe.

If you live in a location that is at risk to fire or natural disaster, you might want to consider investing in one of these.

The simple key lock might be a concern, but it comes down to the primary purpose. If that is protecting documents, back up disks and USB flash drives, this could be an ideal lock box for you. At 13 lbs in weight, it is manageable to carry in a hurry.

The Best Home Safe Under $300

6. SentrySafe SFW123GDC Fireproof/Waterproof Safe 

SentrySafe SFW123GDC Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe

SentrySafe SFW123GDC Fireproof Waterproof Safe Summary Summary

Overall Score: 4/5
Security Rating: No U.L. Listing
Fire Rating: UL Classified to protect contents for up to one hour at 1700º F (927º C). Also, ETL verified to protect digital media such as USB Flash Drives, CDs and DVDs.
Locking Type: Digital keypad
Ext.Dimensions: 16.3″H x 19.3″W x 17.8″D
Int.Dimensions: 12.6″H x 11.9″W x 13.8″D
Capacity: 1.23 Cubic Feet
Weight (lbs): 87.3 lbs (shipping weight 98 lbs)


  • Fireproof rating for 1 hour
  • Easily portable
  • Tested to remain locked and intact with a 15-foot drop
  • Can hold a manila folder flat on the shelf and comes with an interior locking door


  • ETL Verified for 24 hours of water protection up to 8 inches deep. However, the safe is 16.3 inches high.

This SentrySafe is rugged and designed to protect a variety of contents including USB Flash Drives, CDs, DVDs, and documents from fire and water. However, it seems odd that a safe that is 16” tall is verified to be safe for 24 hours in 8 inches of water.

The manufacturer recommends it be bolted to the floor for added security. If the floor was to burn down, the SFW123GDC has been drop tested to 15 feet.

Four live locking 1-inch bolts and a reinforced door protect against forced entry attempts.

This safe would suit a home or office with ample space including protection for fragile or essential items in a separate interior locking drawer.

A nice feature is that you can lay a manila folder flat on one of the shelves. It also has holders for keys and a tray in the drawer for small items.

An interior light, powered by the batteries ensures you can see the contents, even in the absence of mains power.

If none of these options are quite right for you, try my simple 7 step guide that guarantees to find the right home safe for you!

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