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Buying Home Security Gear can be a daunting experience with all the techo-bable associated with the various components these days.

Well, that is why Home Security Gear Lab exists – to help you understand the components and how they can fit together to fully secure your home. Our reviews give you comparisons plus in-depth reviews of products.

Whether you are looking to make your home smarter or safer to protect your family or to learn how to properly store guns and ammunition, then we have you covered at Home Security Gear Lab.

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Smart home

Summary of our Categories

Sensors (also known as Detectors) & Alarms covers all types of detection devices & alarms to keep you and your family safe.  Do you have a swimming pool, then you know it is a place young children always want to play, but you need to ensure they are supervised, so we review a range of pool & pool-gate alarms for you.

Smoke Detectors give you an early warning when there is smoke in the house especially at night time when everyone is asleep.

Carbon Monoxide alarms alert you when there is insufficient oxygen in the room or patio due to a gas leak or garage if the car has been left running too long in the confirmed area.

Motion sensors are very handy for turning on lights at night as you walk through your home, but also act as a a deterrent to criminals outside when suddenly their unscrupulous activities are displayed under bright lights. 

Do you have a Fire Safety Plan – I know 99% of you say why do I need one, I have never had a fire in the house.  Well, you are one of the lucky ones, but what if a fire was to break out for any reason, do all family members understand what would be their main escape exits & what could be a secondary exit if the flames were blocking the main exit?

If you have a Fire Extinguisher once the family is safe you could use the extinguisher to fight a small contained fire – our reviews explain the different types of Fire Extinguishers available & what fires they are suitable for – NEVER use a liquid-based Fire Extinguisher on an electrical fire.

Smoke Alarm also play their part in providing early warning in the event of a fire in your home.

Safes are ideal for protecting your property from thieves should they gain access to your home.

Whether you want to keep your Documents, Jewelry, Cash or Guns, choosing the right safe which is fit-for-purpose is important, especially if storing guns or ammunition.  The last thing you want is a firearm going off during a fire.

Smart Homes make use of technology to make your life easier.  The technology includes your Wi-Fi for reading these Internet Articles, Bluetooth connections to your Sound Systems or Lights, Thermostats to control your a/c, Health Devices like fitness trackers and even smart GPS devices in your car.

Surveillance Cameras can be used for security or simply monitoring your baby in their bedroom.

Outside, Surveillance Cameras can simply show you who has rung your doorbell or who is lurking around your home uninvited – sad but true.

Check out our range of reviews to see which would best suit your requirements.

Our guides cover all of the topics above & give you a detailed explanation of each area plus helpful tips for installing many of the devices we have reviewed here at Home Security Gear Lab.

Also, don’t forget to check out our “This Year’s Top Picks” page to see the latest updated product reviews.

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