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How Secure are Digital Door Locks for Homes?

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Digital door locks are slowly but surely finding their way to most homes. This is not surprising considering the benefits they offer compared to traditional locks. They are a new innovation in home security designed with safety and convenience in mind.

Digitally controlled door locks let you access the door without using physical keys. They can be locked and unlocked locally or remotely through smartphones, remotes, or voice commands. Despite the benefits and convenience that digital door locks offer, it is easy to wonder how secure they really are.

Let’s find out below.

Digital Door Lock Technology

Before we discuss how secure these locks are, let’s first look at the latest innovations in the market. Advancement in technology has led to cutting-edge door lock technology. Some of the latest digital door locks in the market include:

Biometrics Door Locks

These digital locks can recognize your fingerprints. You just need to swap your finger for the lock to scan and authorize your access.

Smartphone-Controlled Locks

Smart lock concept

These locks can be controlled through smartphones, either by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. Some of these locks can recognize your phone and open automatically when you approach the door.

Surveillance Locks

These types of locks require the user to input a code to give them entry. The best part is that it takes a photo of everyone that opens your door. Plus, the codes can be customized for specific people.

Key Fob

Also referred to as proximity locks, these are locks that can detect a key fob and signal the door to open. It will then lock your door as you move away from it. You need to carry the key fob around for detection or you can press the fob button to unlock the door.

The type of digital lock you choose will depend on your lifestyle and household needs. You also need to consider your existing door or gate so you can choose a lock that integrates well to ensure functionality.

How Secure are Digital Door Locks?

Truth be told, no lock is 100% secure, whether it is a digital lock or a traditional lock. Nevertheless, a digital lock can have several advantages compared to the usual locks.

Compared to regular locks, digital locks are more secure and some will alert you of any entry into your home. Some models include an alarm feature that will alert you in the event of a fire or a break-in attempt.

Some even use a camera, allowing you to see who is at the door. You can also double-check whether the doors are closed and locked or not, anywhere you are. If they are not locked, you can easily do that from the app.

An additional security benefit of digital door locks is their flexible security options. For instance, you can set a one-time PIN code access for people that visit your home one time. You can then change the pin according to your convenience.

However, just like ‘Internet of Things’ devices, digital door locks are prone to get hacked. Internet-enabled locks are at a higher risk of getting hacked because of various vulnerabilities like weak and plain text passwords, Wi-Fi breaching, Bluetooth sniffing, software update problems, replay attacks, and more.

The other vulnerability with digital door locks is that they can easily be removed using a flathead screwdriver. Some are made from subpar materials and intruders can break them effortlessly.

Another notable limitation with digital door locks is that they may become non-functional during power outages. This is especially true for locks that use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or fingerprints. In this case, you may need to use a backup key slot to gain entry to your home. This increases the risk of forced entry by intruders.

Security Precautions to Keep Your Digital Door Locks Secure

Overall, whether a digital door lock is right for you will depend on your user and property needs. Also, you can have a good-quality lock system in place, but it would be useless if you did not put into place additional measures to protect your property.

Here are some steps to keep your digital door locks safe and protect you from becoming an easy target for intruders:

Steps to keep your digital door locks safe


There is no denying that traditional locks are the mainstay locks in most homes. However, homeowners are gradually adopting digital locks due to the fact that they provide greater security and convenience. By installing these locks, you will get access to your door lock without the need for physical keys and you can keep records of people that accessed your home.

However, since these locks are hackable, it helps to buy from a reputable brand that ensures all the safety measures. Such brands are continuously improving their products to respond to potential hacking problems.