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best home robot vacuums and lawn mowers

Raise of the Robots: Best Robot Vacuums and Lawnmowers

 In this article, I cover the best robot vacuum cleaners, the best robot lawn mowers, and more! Fifty-five years ago, The Jetsons promised us robot house cleaners and self-cleaning devices (though with a shocking health-and-­safety record). While Rosie the Robot might still be a few years away, more practical robots already exist. Task-specific design is what makes it […]

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smart thermostats

Hot to Trot: Your Guide to Smart Thermostats

Today’s intelligent home heaters and smart thermostats can save you money and energy. A smart thermostat takes control of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) system, replacing the traditional heat-activated switch and separate timer with a combined – and typically much more elegant – device. That brings with it a number of advantages.Easier to useSmart devices don’t […]

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best batteries for smoke detectors

Best Batteries for Smoke Detectors

This article provides you with the key things you need to know when choosing the best batteries for smoke detectors. Batteries are not all created equal. The life expectancy and power output vary depending on the chemical composition. Manufacturers design batteries for different purposes. It is essential to buy batteries designed to power smoke detectors. Batteries for smoke detectors […]

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