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How to reset a carbon monoxide detector?

How to reset a carbon monoxide detector?

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Carbon monoxide (CO) detectors are indispensable when it comes to leading a happy and carbon monoxide free life.

It is not a fad but a need to install carbon monoxide detectors at home to avoid the hazardous effects of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide alarms detect the presence of excess carbon monoxide inside the house and trigger a warning alarm.

After the trigger warning goes off, the detector is automatically reset.

In several cases, the batteries may need to be changed. Then the detector resets itself.

However, in some cases, none of it happens and the CO detector needs to be reset manually.

It may also happen that the CO detector continues to beep after detecting the presence of carbon monoxide.

First of all, do not rush to reset the CO detector but step outside and expose yourself to fresh air.

Apart from this, the CO detector may also need to be reset even when it has not detected the presence of carbon monoxide.

Sometimes the CO detector will give clear indications to show that it needs to be reset.

Be aware of the ways through which your CO detector indicates that it needs to be rest and act accordingly.

The process to reset the CO detector is effort-less but critical.

Here is the guide to reset the CO detector:

  • The point which needs to take care of is, keep the instructions manual handy, to make the process easier. In case, you do not have one, follow the steps mentioned below carefully to reset the CO detector.
  • The 'Reset' button should be present on the front panel of the device. If not, try looking at the other panels, as it may vary according to the brand of the CO detector.
  • The second step will involve pressing the hold button for a couple of minutes. Try holding the button for at least 5 seconds.
  • Now, simply release the 'Reset' button.

Hurray! The CO detector is reset. But, wait!

You need to check for a beep or a light to indicate that the CO detector has been reset.

This will ensure maximum safety as the CO detector will start working properly and will beep the next time there are certain levels of carbon monoxide inside your home.

The process of resetting the detector may slightly vary according to the different types of CO detectors.

Tips to be followed when resetting the CO detector include:

In some cases, you may also need to repeat the process more than one time to rest the CO detector properly.

Also, ensure that there is a supply of fresh air before resetting the timer. Wait for some time to reset the CO detector again.

Resetting the detector will mean being prepared to be alarmed for the dangerous levels of carbon monoxide inside the house.

If it is not reset, it will be of no use.

So, keep a check on your CO detector and reset it to stay safe from the hazards of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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