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Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX Biometric Fingerprint Hidden Wall Safe

Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX Biometric Fingerprint Hidden Wall Safe Review

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The Viking Security Biometric Fingerprint Hidden Wall Safe VS-52BLX has a modern, robust military look and is designed to be mounted discretely between your wall studs. It is ideal for documents and safely protecting guns. It can be quickly and silently opened in an emergency. It also has a mount for keys, but make sure it’s not the keys to the safe that you hang on it!


Overall Score:4/5
Security Rating:No UL Rating
Fire Rating:Not Fireproof
Locking Type:Programmable electronic password lock plus key
Ext. Dimensions:19” (482mm)” H x 14” (355mm)”W x 4″ (100mm) D
Int. Dimensions:18.5″ (470mm) H x 13.5″ (343mm) W x 3.5″ (90mm) D
Capacity:1 Cubic Feet
Weight (lbs):Shipping weight 37.5 lbs.


  • Highly Secure – Designed to fit between wall studs
  • Fast Access with motorized deadbolts
  • Biometric Fingerprint for Extra Security
  • Silent Opening in an Emergency as Gun Safe


  • Batteries don’t last very long
  • Shelf mounts are not strong

In this review of the Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX, I’ll look at how secure it is, how easy it is to use, warranty, frequently asked questions, and what alternatives are available.


How secure is it?

The Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX is a very secure safe for several reasons. When the safe is correctly installed, it is mounted, hidden in a wall cavity between the studs, with anchor bolts. The safe is almost impossible to remove.

This model uses an optical fingerprint sensor and stores up to 32 fingerprints. You can, therefore, secure it using more than one of your fingers, but can also provide secure access to other authorized people, without the risk of the wrong person getting hold of the key. You can disable the PIN-Pad so that it can only be accessed using the fingerprint reader or the four-pronged key.

It does not appear to have been tested or rated for fire or water, so this is not a safe you would consider using for hard to replace items like family heirlooms or irreplaceable documents.

Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX Biometric Fingerprint Hidden Wall Safe - inside

Is it easy to use?

Programming the fingerprint scanner to memorize your fingerprints is easy following the instructions and the LED display panel.

You can program several fingerprints, so if one of your prints is greasy, dirty, or worn, you can use a different finger when you need to. I play guitar, and this tends to make my prints harder to read, so being able to use a few fingers is great for me. Once you get used to the process of using the * and # buttons, registering multiple fingerprints is easy.

Having multiple ways of opening the Viking Safe, it provides options for different people’s preferences. Smart people use multiple PINs for various purposes,  and that opens up the risk of using the wrong ones.

If you do not close the door properly, the safe will beep until you do. Given that the locking mechanism operates silently, the audible alert is a nice feature.

There are three potential weaknesses with this product.

  • The mounting of the shelves appears to be a bit flimsy.
  • Because of the scanner and electronic mechanism, the batteries are essential. I recommend you use good batteries from day one. Batteries are included, but you have no way of knowing how old they are.
  • Because the fingerprint reader stands out a little from the door of the safe, it does not sit perfectly flush, which means it isn’t as easy to hide behind a picture on the wall as you might expect.

Is it mountable?

It mounts in the wall cavity between studs.

Mounting is easy if you are a handy person; however, I would be using a builder or similar because I’d probably need to get one in to tidy up after me. The four holes are pre-drilled, and it comes complete with mounting bolts and wooden blocks to help position it correctly.

Does it include a warranty?

This safe has a 12-month warranty.

Feedback from owners is that the manufacturer’s reply quickly to problems or questions.


Will the Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX hold a handgun?

Yes, you will need to remove it from its holster, but you don’t need a safe for that.

Is the Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX easy to install?

It’s easy if you know what you are doing. If not, get a builder or handyman to do it.

Does the Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX fingerprint reader work well?

Yes, it does, and you can store many different prints, which is advisable, even with only one or two users. It is also a good idea to scan your fingerprints from different angles.

Where is the right place to install the Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX?

You can install it in the wall, between the studs, perhaps with a picture frame in front of it. It would also sit nicely in a wall cupboard.

Does the Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX have much space?

The has enough space for one or two handguns, keys, and documents. The VS-52BLX is not so much a big safe as one built for a purpose. 


This Viking security safe is hidden in a wall to protect items such as handguns or other things that you don’t want out in the open.

It is a good fit where you do not want a safe to be visible, especially to an intruder. The silent, fingerprint operation makes it ideal in a situation where you may want to open it without anyone hearing what you are doing.

It is user-friendly to program and use, with the options of finger scanning and a PIN code, with the back up of a key.

The Viking Biometric Wall Safe is a specialized product and not a generic all-purpose device.

It combines security with ease of use and is fit for purpose.

Alternatives to the Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX Biometric Fingerprint Hidden Wall Safe

If the Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX is not precisely what you’re looking for, then there are other wall safes which might be more suitable…

Looking for something more secure and bigger?

One option to consider is the BuyaSafe WES2113-DF Fire Resistant Electronic Wall Safe.

While this is significantly more expensive than the Viking, the BuyaSafe features 30 minutes of fire protection. The door is recessed so that unlike the Viking, it mounts perfectly flush with the wall so that it is easy to hide it behind a picture frame. It also has more room inside for your valuables.

Are you looking for something more specific?

If you’re looking for a cabinet or lockbox to hold small items like keys, perhaps you would prefer the AdirOffice 40 Keys Cabinet with Digital Lock – Electronic Key Safe.

The 40 Keys Cabinet is an ideal, in-wall safe for the hotel or motel office, a car dealership, or another location where several keys need to be securely stored. The continuous hinges are designed to ensure long-lasting, reliable use, given the safe will be opened and closed a lot more often than in other applications for a safe. 

If none of these options are quite right for you, try my simple 7 step guide that guarantees to find the right safe for you and your home!

Alternatively, check out my reviews of the 10 best wall safes.