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Barska Large Biometric safe

BARSKA Large Biometric Safe Review

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The Barska safe AX11650 has achieved a five out of five-star rating on some of the most popular consumer sites.

Barska is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to building a high quality, large floor safe.

It has become one of the biggest names in providing a very diverse line of high quality, biometric gun safes, floor safes, book safes, etc.

The AX11650 is no different, with its optical scanner that uses a unique, bio algorithm to take encrypted scans of your fingerprint.

This is just one example of why I love Barska’s safes.

Barska AX11650 Large Biometric safe Summary

Overall Score:3.9/5
Security Rating:No U.L. listing
Fire Rating:No U.L. listing
Locking Type:Biometric fingerprint lock
Ext. Dimensions:19.75″H x 13″W x 14″D
Int. Dimensions:19.5″H x 9.5″W x 13.5″D
Capacity:1.23 Cubic Feet
Weight (lbs):48.5 lbs


  • Advanced locking system
  • Can be concealed easily
  • Comes with mounting hardware



The biometric safe is honestly a great necessity to use to access your personal belongings easier and faster.

This safe is very dependable when it comes to quick access and the security in your mind for all your items such as important documents, expensive jewelry, and handguns.

How it is easier to access, but still maintain safety is just pushing the power and analyzing your fingerprint.

This large floor safe is capable of storing 120 fingerprints so multiple people that you trust can access it.

Fire Protection

The downside of this Barska large biometric safe is not been tested to protect your personal belongings against house fires or business fires.

I don’t know about you, but I want my valuable items to be safe when it comes to my house burning down.

You would think that steel would help protect you, but you would be proven wrong.

The fire has always been a killer of anything created by man. Some products cannot fight one element.

With that being said, this safe is perfect for protecting your items on a short-term basis, not a long-term basis.

Water Resistance

This home safe is waterproof, and although it’s unverified, this remains the best overall safe on the market.

If you’re looking for a safe that is specifically designed to be as waterproof as possible, then I suggest going with the First Alert 2.14 c.f. or the Sentry Safe SFW205CWB – which are both water resistant when submerged in 8 inches of water up to 24 hours.

This particular competing home safe might look attractive, but I’d recommend the Mesa Safe over the Sentry Safe because independent research has deemed it to be superior.


When I am shopping for a safe, I am shopping for durability.

Barska's large biometric safe nails it on this one.

Not only do they provide a steel finish with scratch resistance to the exterior, but they also provide points for you to secure your safe permanently into the floor.

The cool thing about this is Barska provides the hardware for you to set up your mounting system.

The benefit of having the mounting system is to create security, so no one will be able to run away with your safe quickly.

With your Barska AX11650 biometric safe, it can last up to 2 years with just four AA batteries.

You won’t have to worry about changing your AA batteries every few weeks to a few months.

If you ever have any issues with your Barska AX11650, a warranty of one year is provided.

Now that's what I call excellent customer service!


Barska doesn’t let you down when it comes to high-quality storage for all your desired needs.

This Barska biometric safe creates wide dimensions for all your items such as jewelry, important documents, and firearms.

The safe provides two adjustable and removable shelves for propping any ammo, firearms, and important documents.

For being a collector of firearms, I need to place my handguns in a secure location.

The battery pack for the four AA batteries you need to use is entirely accessible on the inside of your safe.

Barska AX11650 Large Biometric Safe


There are so many cool features when it comes to the Barska safe.

Not only is it impact-safe, provided with mounting hardware, and finished with black steel; it has many technological features added.

I know not many safes have this, but this one allows many different people to access it with just the touch of a finger.

The fingerprint mechanism stores 120 fingerprints.

I know we all struggle with technology and it isn’t perfect. So, there are two manual access points when technology chooses to fail you.

With the mounting hardware, that allows for a protective mat to be placed underneath it.

This protects against any tears in your luxurious carpeting or polished hardwood flowing you installed last week with pride.

There are already drilled anchors into the hardware so you can mount your safe with ease.

No more tearing your hair out with frustration when it comes to installing your Barska biometric safe.

Final Verdict

This safe has a lot to offer when it comes to protecting all your short-term needs, but not the long-term needs.

I look for something that protects my personal items from water and fire. This one does not hold the attributes of being water resistant and fire resistant.

The positive aspect of this safe is its impact resistant and the reliable biometric fingerprint scanner, which becomes very useful and convenient if more than one person needs access to the safe and/or the safe need to be opened several times a day.

If none of these options are quite right for you, try my simple 7 step guide that guarantees to find the right home safe for you!