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How to install a ring floodlight cam without existing wiring

How to Install a Ring Floodlight Cam Without Existing Wiring?

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Recently, I had the opportunity to install a ring floodlight cam for my home. This was exciting because it meant that I could keep an eye on my property and even receive alerts if there were motion detected. But what really got me excited about this installation is that it didn't require any wiring work - all you need is a drill! In this blog post, I'll walk you through how to do it in three easy steps. 


You will want to place your Ring Floodlight Cam where you would like it mounted on your house or garage wall with the screws provided by Ring. Next, take out the mounting brackets from their packaging and attach them to the back of your camera using two included screws (one screw per bracket).

List of materials

  • 25 ft. Romex 14/2 gauge wire 
  • Sigma 4 inch round junction box 1
  • /2 inch UF adapter
  • A single pull switch and cover
  • Staples for wire
  • Wire nuts
  • Blue plastic junction box for switch


1. Determine the location for your new floodlight cam

2. Drill a hole in the wall to hang it from 

3. Connect the power cable and install the mounting plate on the exterior of your house, then attach the floodlight cam to it

4. Mount an outdoor electrical box near where you drilled through your house's exterior and connect it to a GFCI outlet or circuit breaker (make sure you have enough wire)

5. Run wires from this outside electrical box up into your home's interior, following as many walls inside as possible before drilling another hole in one of them for access to bring wiring into your attic space; strip off insulation at both ends of each wire so that they're ready for connections with other components 

6. Make connections between all parts of installation using wire nuts and/or solder and seal with heat shrink tubing if necessary


Installing a ring floodlight cam is as easy as drilling a hole, screwing in the light fixture, and plugging it into an outlet. 

You can install one of these cameras anywhere that has electrical power to see what’s happening around your property or business day-and-night. 

If you don't have any wiring for this type of electrician project, we recommend using any other outdoor lighting fixtures you may already have installed on your porch or garage such as solar powered landscape lights. 

These devices are also great for illuminating walkways at night without having to use more traditional stringed bulbs which will need replacing after just a few hours each evening! 

The possibilities are endless when installing a ring floodlight cam with no existing wiring needed.