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Mesa Safe MTLE1814

Mesa Safe MTLE1814 Review

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The Mesa Safe MTLE1814 is designed to be an excellent home safe. In fact, it is one of Mesa’s high-end safes.

Why is it so loved by many?

This safe is capable of withstanding several attacks from all sorts of tools such as power saws, drills, and sledgehammers.

Furthermore, it also performs well under fire.

Mesa Safe MTLE1814 Summary

Overall Score: 4.9/5
Security Rating: U.L. listed TL-15 Rated Safe
Fire Rating: 2 Hour Fire Resistant Factory Tested
Locking Type: U.L. Listed Group 2 Mechanical Dial Lock
Ext. Dimensions: 25″H x 21″W x 21.5″D
Int. Dimensions: 18″H x 14″W x 12″D
Capacity: 1.8 Cubic Feet
Weight (lbs): 710 lbs


  • U.L. listed TL-15 Rated Safe
  • High density fire and burglary resistant composite material
  • Solid steel construction


  • Has not been factory-tested for protection against water.

With regard to the brand itself, Mesa Safe Company is considered to be one the best in the industry.

They have been around since 1981, and they take pride in providing their customers with high quality and strong safes.

The company was founded by George L. Vicente and is still operated by him. This just goes to show how reliable and professional this brand is.

The brand has a wide selection of safes, ranging from high-end expensive ones to budget-friendly models.

Fire Protection

If you are looking for a safe that can protect your valuables from fire for a while, then you would be pleased to know that the Mesa Safe MTLE1814 has a two-hour, 350F factory fire rating.

The safe has been tested under extreme temperatures. Even with temperatures going up as high as 1850F, the safe has performed exceedingly well.

Water Protection

Unfortunately, the Mesa Safe MTLE1814 does not come with any features that protect it from water.

Avoid this safe if your area is prone to flooding or don’t place it in a spot that could potentially have a leaky pipe.

Burglary Protection

The Mesa Safe MTLE1814 comes with a U.L. Listed burglary protection (15 min).

Its lock is equipped with a U.L. listed Group II key changeable combination.

It is protected by a massive hard plate that is drill shattering, along with two spring-loaded re-locking devices.

This ensures that the burglar cannot break through the lock easily.

Furthermore, the company has tested the safe by exposing it to some of the most concentrated attacks by sophisticated burglars.

Fortunately, they cannot easily break through the high-end material used in this safe.


The Mesa Safe MTLE1814 is undoubtedly one of the most durable safes in the market.

It has an all-steel construction, and the body of the safe has a 3.5-inch total protective thickness.

This encloses high-density composite materials that are fire-resistant, as well as steel fibers and nuggets.

The reinforced door frame is drill-resistant and protects the door and the bolt chambers from extreme side attacks.

The door is also with a thickness of 5.75 inches and constructed with a 2.75 inches defense barrier of inner and outer steel plates, which create one structure that encloses a high-density fire- and burglary-resistant composite material.


The Mesa Safe MTLE1814 comes with ample storage space inside. In terms of its interior dimensions, it measures at 18” H x 14” W x 12” D or 1.8 cubic feet.

It has one shelve, which is a durable, adjustable, and removable shelve. All in all, the safe weighs roughly 710 pounds.

Mesa Safe MTLE1814 inside


Value-wise, this safe is slightly on the expensive side.

With that said, because of its high-end features, you can rest assured that you are getting your money’s worth.

Final Verdict

The Mesa Safe MTLE1814 is a TL safe that comes with the ability to withstand fire and even severe attacks from sophisticated burglars.

It does a great job of protecting your valuables.

The upside of this safe is that it is made using high-end materials; the downside is that it does not have protection against water.

If none of these options are quite right for you, try my simple 7 step guide that guarantees to find the right safe for you and your home!