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How to reset outdoor motion sensor lights?

How to reset outdoor motion sensor lights?

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Outdoor motion sensor lights can solve several issues related to the security of your home and ease life and when it gets dark outside.

Motion sensor lights can be the perfect solution for several areas in your home premises.

They not only make life easier but are also a great way to deal with intruders.

However, they need to be adjusted the right way to make the most out of them.

When do you know if it is time to reset the motion detector light?

There are a few indications that will let you know if your motion sensor lights needs resetting.

The most obvious is when there is a lot of movement, but the motion sensor light stays off. This signifies that the lights are not operating properly.

In addition, when the lights don't turn off. In which case, the motion senor lights may need to be reset.

Here is a guide to help you reset the motion sensor light, easily:

The process of resetting your motion senor lights is not complicated. It requires simply following these steps:

  • Firstly, turn off the circuit breaker that controls the motion sensor light. Leave the circuit breaker off for 30 seconds and that should do just the trick for you.
  • The other way out is also easy. All that needs to be done is turning the motion detector switch off and on. Now, keep the switch turned off for a minute and then turn it on again. This probably should resolve the issue.
  • You can also try switching on and off the light bulb multiple times to reset the motion sensor light. Make sure that you repeat the switching on and off process at least four to five times. Now, leave the light bulb on for five seconds. Then, turn it off again for five seconds. In most cases, the motion sensor lights will rest by following these steps.
  • In case none of those work, try unplugging the power of your light. After a couple of minutes put it back again and turn it on.

These steps are easy and mostly reset the motion detector sensor.

In case, the problem is still not resolved, perhaps try changing the bulb. In some cases, the sensor may also need to be replaced.

However, in most of the cases, the steps mentioned above do the trick.

Motion detector lights are amazing when it comes to navigating the outside of your home in the night or just having a walk on the terrace.

They are equally useful in areas of the home such as garages or basement.

They should be checked after a power blink or power surge. This will ensure they are working when they are needed.

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