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How to install carbon monoxide detectors

How to install a carbon monoxide detector?

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Carbon (CO) monoxide detectors are the need of the hour.

There are multiple sources inside our happy homes, which emit the silent killer carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide detectors play a vital role in protecting from the ill effects of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Over the years, carbon monoxide has garnered attention and people are buying these detectors for their health and safety.

The correct placement and installation of a CO detector is crucial for its efficiency.

The installation of the carbon monoxide is not a strenuous task. Instead, installing carbon monoxide detectors are a simple DIY task and does not require much time as well.

The most popular among these are wall-mounted and the others are freestanding. Both are hassle-free and easy to install.

Installing carbon monoxide detectors the right way!

  • Firstly, mark the points on the wall where the wall screw anchors will need to be inserted. This will make the installation easy and there will be fewer chances of mistakes in the further steps.
  • Carefully drill holes using a drill or screwdriver. Also, make sure the drilling is according to the size of the wall screw anchors. When the size of the drilling is larger, the wall screw anchors may fall down.
  • Insert the wall screw anchors into the wall properly, ensuring the safety of the CO detector which will be mounted on it.
  • Now, make sure all the wall screw anchors are lined up, under the mounting base as well. This will mean the CO detector will be in place.
  • Put the CO detector in the proper place after inserting the batteries inside it. Also, tighten the screws after the wall-mounted CO detector is placed.
  • The alarm with the CO detector will also need to be mounted using the same procedure or in some cases the alarm is placed below the CO detector.
  • Repeat the process for the other CO detectors for other locations in your home.
  • Also, after the installation, check the alarm by pressing the button.

Voila! You have installed the CO detector yourself.

This process is easier when done and does not consume a lot of time.

Tips for while installing a carbon monoxide sensor

  • Keep the manual handy and try to follow the instructions from the manual. In most cases, following the instructions from the manual is easy and self-explanatory.
  • To begin with, decide the places where you need to install the detectors. That will save a lot of time and effort.
  • Most of the carbon monoxide detectors these days are wall-mounted. The additional benefit with most of these wall-mounted detectors is that they come with mounting bases to make things easier.

Successfully installing the CO detector can be satisfying when looking at the bigger picture, as the invisible threat CO possesses can be easily averted with the installation of these detectors.

Just make sure that the placement of these CO detectors is done in accordance with my tips in this article.