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Best Smart Fingerprint Door Lock: 2024 Buying Guide

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As homeowners abandon the conventional house key, smart fingerprint door locks are becoming increasingly popular as a means of keeping people’s homes safe. A smart fingerprint lock may store numerous fingerprint images in its database.

The device examines a person’s physical attributes to authorize access to a home. Because each person has a unique collection of fingerprints, only registered fingerprints can be used to open the door.

There are numerous brands to choose from when it comes to fingerprint door locks. They are all designed to provide you with strong home security, but which performs better than others?

Discover the best smart fingerprint locks in 2024 in this article.

eufy Security Smart Lock

eufy Smart lock

Users and reviewers have dubbed this gadget the “Swiss Army Knife” of smart door locks. Many users like it because it’s less expensive than its competitors and provides you with four alternative ways to unlock your door. It will open instantly using your fingerprint, or unlock by using either the electronic keypad, the key or through the eufy Security app with Bluetooth. The eufy Security Smart lock also works with Wi-Fi Bridge for remote control (sold separately).

Rest assure that if your door is exposed to weather the eufy Security Smart lock has an IP65 weatherproof rating ensuring both heat and rain protection through all seasons.

This smart fingerprint door lock has an excellent design and an easy installation method.


  • Made of sturdy materials.
  • Accepts voice commands from Alexa and Google.
  • Boasts a responsive touch-screen keypad.


  • Only works with lever door locks.
  • Built-in sensor automatically locks the door behind you – not what you might always want.

This is a reliable and multifunctional deadbolt smart lock. If you want a smart fingerprint door lock that’s practical, secure, and convenient, this is the device for you.

It has a circular number pad and a 360-degree fingerprint sensor in the center. When the door is closed or opened, the LED ring around the sensor turns green. It also includes a mobile app that allows you to use e-keys for immediate access. Access can also be gained by a secret key.

On the bottom edge of the escutcheon, behind a rubber cover, is a micro USB port that can be used to power up the lock with an external power source in the event of a dead battery.

Should you find that the battery has died, there is small rubber cover located at the bottom of the lock which hides a micro USB port ready for you to attach an external power source.


  • It has Dual Data Encryption for increased security.
  • Auto-Unlock using your phone's location services.
  • Allows guest access for specific dates or periods of time.


  • The installation procedure can be a little complicated.
  • Limited wireless range.
LOCKLY PGD728FSN Secure Plus Deadbolt

Nothing tops this one when it comes to digital security. It can save up to 99 fingerprint images with lightning fast access in 0.3 of a second – that’s fast! Also, thanks to innovative PIN Genie functionality where the position of the digits changes, it makes guessing the pin code extremely tough. In addition to that, the Lockly has both a keypad and standard key lock – no way you’re getting locked out!

This smart fingerprint door lock is also compatible with both iOS and Android, so you can use the applications to see who is entering and exiting your home. You may also use the smartphone app to lock and unlock the door.

The Lockly Secure Plus is operated by four standard AA batteries which should last up to 12 months. There is a low battery warning ensuring you’ll never be caught out.


  • It can work with deadbolt and latch locks.
  • The capacitive fingerprint sensor works very well.
  • Individual smart code for keyless entry.
  • Good customer service.


  • Wi-Fi adapter to unlock the door remotely is an added extra.
  • Limited smart home integration.
HuTools Fingerprint Keyless Entry Door Lock Deadbolt

With a highly efficient fingerprint reader taking just 0.3 seconds to detect the fingerprint, the HuTools Smart Fingerprint Door Lock is ideal for all members of the family including children and the elderly.

The lock requires four A4 alkaline batteries but be sure to read the instructions well as it is important to only insert three batteries first. You should get around 9 months battery life with a clear warning given when the batteries are close to needing replacement.

In addition to the required master code, you can store up to 20 fingerprints, 20 codes and a one-time passcode which deletes once it’s been used.

Another great feature of the HuTools lock is vacation mode. If you’re going to be away for a prolonged period you can easily enable vacation mode which restricts all user codes, requiring the master code to be entered for access.

This lock comes with very clear instructions for setting up all its features.


  • It features super-fast fingerprint recognition.
  • Temporary code for visitors.
  • It also comes with a customizable auto-lock setting.


  • MUST read instructions for installation of batteries.
HARFO Fingerprint Door Lock

This is yet another very secure and economical smart lock on the list, with up to 99.86 percent accuracy on the fingerprint recognition algorithm.

This lock has a biometric sensor that you may use to unlock it by placing your finger on it. A voice guide will take you through the process of adding fingerprints. There is also a keypad that lets you open the door using a passcode.

With a reversible door handle, the lock can be installed for both left or right handled doors.

The HARFO smart fingerprint door lock has an auto lock function; however, this can be disarmed if you’re wanting to go in and out with locking the door. The auto lock function is handy though if you’re setting a guest code (one time entry) as once the person leaves the door locks behind them stopping further entry.


  • It works with most residential-type doors.
  • It can also be unlocked with an access card.
  • Easy access for children or the elderly.


  • There is no mobile app support.
  • Wet weather may affect the fingerprint reader
SMONET Smart Lock

This is yet another good smart fingerprint lock at a fair price. There are five distinct entry modes on the lock - Passcode, Bluetooth, Fingerprint, IC card and Key, and you may set up to 500 codes.

Installation of the SMONET Smart Fingerprint Door Lock is fairly straight forward with the setup then done via the TTLock app available on both iPhone and android phones.

The fingerprint recognition takes just 0.5 seconds for your fingerprint to be confirmed and unlock the door. With the ability to add up to 500 fingerprints it’s a good idea to enter the same fingerprint a number of times ensuring you cover all parts of the finger. This will allow your fingerprint to be recognized much faster.

The 4 AA alkaline batteries allow 5000 openings which generally equates to around 6 months. A warning alarm alerts you to low battery power. If the batteries do go flat all settings will be retained and the lock can be directly powered via a micro USB charger (no included).


  • The password storage capacity is one of the biggest.
  • The company offers free lifetime technical support.


  • The remote feature only works with the Wi-Fi Gateway device (not included).
BEBASIA Fingerprint Door Lock with 2 Level Handles

With the 4-in-1 keyless entry system, this smart door lock provides multiple options to unlock your door safely.

The BEBASIA Smart Fingerprint Door Lock uses a new 3d fingerprint sensor that recognizes your fingerprint in less than 0.3 seconds, then unlocks your door within 1 second. The voice guide will walk you through the full process of configuring your fingerprint.

It allows up to 300 users for family and friends and one-time temporary codes for guests. There is also a backup key for emergency. 

As added security if you input the wrong password 5 times, the system will be locked up and display “System is locked”. A buzzer will sound a long-beep for 5 seconds. Only correct fingerprints, passwords or cards can unlock the lock and the system.


  • It features an elegant and modern design.
  • The private and general modes provide enhanced security.


  • It’s only available with a deadbolt configuration.

Final Thoughts about Smart Fingerprint Door Locks

Having a smart fingerprint lock for your door might save you the trouble of carrying a set of keys everywhere you go – also great for families with kids as they won’t need a key to get inside.

You can now open your door with a fingerprint sensor or a passcode  with new technologies giving you both security and convenience. Now you just need to decide which Smart Fingerprint Door Lock best suits your situation.

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