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Mutual Safe Review – AS-1814C TL-15 High Security Safe

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Overall Score:4.9/5
Security Rating:UL listed TL-15 Rated Safe
Fire Rating:2 Hour U.L. Fire Rating
Locking Type:Combination lock
Ext. Dimensions:23″H x 19″W x 20″D
Int. Dimensions:18″H x 14″W x 12″D
Capacity:1.7 Cubic Feet
Weight (lbs):596 lbs


  • Excellent construction
  • Highly durable
  • TL 15
  • Two hour Fire Rating


  • Limited capacity


If the ones I've mentioned above are a bit too expensive for you, then I recommend that you check out the Mutual AS-1814C.

The AS-1814C is a perfect safe whether you want to use it at home or in your office. It boasts a six-sided composite construction along with a two-hour fire protection feature. It comes with a TL-15 rating.

In terms of the brand itself, Mutual Safe Group was founded back in 1984 and has now become a household name synonymous with functionality and reliability.

The company has continued the expansion of its products and services and even has a wide range of TL-30 rating safes.

Fire Protection

The Mutual safe AS-1814C comes with an excellent fire protection feature.

This safe has a two-hour, 350F factory rating. It has been thoroughly tested at temperatures that go as high as 1750F.

At such high temperatures, the Mutual safe did a great job of still being intact for a long time.

Water Protection

The biggest downside to the Mutual AS-1814C is its water protection feature.

The company has not given much importance to the safe’s water-resistance.

I'd recommend not using this safe if you are in an area that constantly has flooding issues.

Don’t place it in a spot where there could be leaky pipes.

Burglary Protection

The Mutual AS-1814C comes with an impressively massive two-inch thick door and an overall 5.25 inch, 1.25-inch active chrome locking bolts, deadbolts, and a re-locker made of tempered glass.

Use the hole in the center if you wish to bolt the safe securely on to a solid surface. Doing this is highly recommended.

All of this makes it quite clear that the safe is well protected from burglars. As an added safety measure, the company has also tested this safe thoroughly.


You can be assured that the Mutual AS-1814C is highly durable.

The safe’s body is encased in two layers of high-tensile steel. It consists of 9,000 PSI concrete embodied within a corundum aggregate.

Protection-wise, the safe comes with a high-security U.L. listed Group II combination lock.

This is mounted on a magnesium anti-drilling and -cutting plate. All of these make this safe quite durable and long-lasting.


This safe is great to store your valuables such as jewelry, money, or some important papers.

There is quite a bit of space within, and it has been divided into two with the help of a shelf.

In terms of the dimensions within, it measures at 18” H x 14” W x 12” D or 1.7 cubic feet. All in all, the safe weighs about 595 pounds.

mutual safe


The Mutual AS-1814C is quite well priced compared to several other safes in this list and the market, in general.

In fact, it is the cheapest on this list, costing no more than $1,500. For this price, you get some amazing features.

Final Verdict

The Mutual AS-1814C is honestly one safe that features all the good stuff you need at a decent price point compared to the rest.

You can use it at home or in the office. It has also been thoroughly tested against fire and burglars, and thanks to its phenomenal construction, it can withstand all of them.

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