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Under bed gun safe

Top 5 Under Bed Gun Safe Reviews

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There are useful safes that have been specifically designed for keeping firearms safe under your bed and out of site. This reduces the chances of your guns being stolen. They are versatile and easy to open but very strong and resistant to keep unauthorized access from happening.  When you store your guns in a reliable safe, the wrong hands will never have access. 

Here are some of the reputable gun safes that you might consider getting if you need an easily accessible safe in the case of an emergency.

This is a very safe and convenient gun safe that is 7" high, 48" wide, and 28" deep. It is 140 pounds heavy and made of steel.  It has 3 cubic feet of storage that comes with 100pounds of capacity.  

It also has this large horizontal slide-out drawer and a very convenient digital programmable combination lock that comes with 3 to 8 digits.  

You can store several mid-sized handguns inside this safe along with ammo boxes and magazines. If you want to layer your guns, then this safe can hold a single layer of up to 30 handguns or more if you arrange them well.

You can hold your collection of guns in this safe comfortably, just make sure you don’t exceed the recommended weight limit. 


  • Contains thick walls and a decently thick door.
  • Offers above average safety for your guns
  • The deep drawer is convenient for storing a good number of guns including both rifles and pistols
  • Offers a quiet opening and keypad buttons can be set to silent mode
  • A great size to safely go under a bed and convenient for limited space homes


  • A bit costly
  • Only has one steel bar locking the drawer in place
  • Very heavy

This is another gun safe worth considering. It has amazing features making it so convenient to store guns safely. With a large slide-out drawer, you can store several guns, jewelry, documents, and anything else you want to keep in the safe.

This safe has features to keep unauthorized access at bay. It has a quick digital PIN code and backup key access for easy access, especially during emergencies. You can also use it not only under the bed but in a firearm vehicle and under other kinds of large furniture.

It has interior dimensions width of 46.8", 15.5" depth, and a height of 6.7”.  You can be assured of great security for your firearms with this gun safe thanks to its 16 gauge steel construction and three solid steel pry-resistant locking bolts. 


  • Great for homes with limited spaces and can perfectly fit under a bed.
  • Steel construction and pry-resistant lock
  • Adequate room for extra magazines and ammunition boxes
  • Comes with backup key access and a quick digital PIN code


  • Lacks an Illuminated keypad making it difficult to use in the dark
  • Very heavy if you need to move it

This is a very secure biometric gun safe that is more than adequate for storing two standard handguns. It comes with a fingerprint scanner and an interior light perfect for any kind of visibility. This gun safe also features an improved gas strut for prolonged performance.

You can use it as a bedside gun safe because it is easy to instantly open the safe door and single-handedly access your handgun. The gun has solid steel construction and a pry-resistant door for more security.

This safe weighs 16 pounds and has an exterior of 16.4"D x 9.8" D x 3.2"H and an interior of 14"W x 6.5"D x 2.2"H.  For best long-term use, it is important to use alkaline AA batteries with a lifespan of between 8-10 years.


  • Has an override  key
  • Comes with an advanced biometric lock
  • An Interior light for all visibility situations
  • Solid steel and pry-resistant


  • The fingerprint scanner might stop working after some time
  • You might need to replace the gas strut after a few years

This is an under-bed gun safe that will help store your guns and valuables and offer you easy access.  It comes with a digit lock with an up to 6 digit code and a backup key. It is convenient for limited spaces thanks to its wide slide-out drawer that can house rifles, pistols, laptops, documents, and other valuables.

You can use it not only as an under-bed safe but also as a trunk safe or under the couch safe.  It can fit on most small SUVs. It is medium-sized and made of heavy-duty steel and for extra security, it has a pry-resistant door design to prevent unauthorized access.  

The best thing about it is that it has an easy installation process with no tools involved. This makes it so convenient for people who don’t like complicated installations. 


  • Smooth locking mechanism
  • Medium-sized and space-saving
  • Awesome no tool install


  • The locking mechanism is not sturdy enough
  • The keypad button  can  be loud

This is a well-designed gun safe with high-quality features.  It is an under-bed safe with an electronic lock that lights up when touched allowing visibility in the dark.  It is made from 14 gauge steel and has a slide locking bar with five points.

To make this gun safe super easy to install, there are four pre-drilled mounting holes.  It has external dimensions of 6"H x 52"L x 14" D and an inside dimension of 3 3/8"H x 43 ¼" W x 13"D.

The best thing is that it has also been approved by a major firearm safety authority. This means it really will keep your firearms safe because extensive tests have been done. 


  • The lock has an electronic backlight making it easy to view in the dark
  • It is a CA DOJ approved firearm safety device
  • Quality build and a super-easy setup
  • Very quiet and smooth to open and access.


  • You will need to replace the keypad after some time but it will serve you for some years

So, there you have it, 5 reviews of the most popular and affordable under bed gun safes to consider.

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