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Google Nest Protect Review

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The Google Nest bundle is a 3rd generation combination of smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarm which acts how you would expect with the pedigree.

Easy to install and easy on the eye, this is an excellent unit for the family home, with its comprehensive functionality.

These combination smoke and carbon monoxide gas alarms connect to your phone and not only tell you what the alert is for, i.e. gas or smoke, but even tells you the room in which the alarm activated, which is programmable.

That means it can tell you that the fire is in the guest room, as an example.

Gas is a silent killer and is often odorless


Overall Score: 4.2/5
  • As a combination smoke and gas detector, it will tell you in words, where to find the fire or gas, based on the location of the alarm that has activated.
  • Option to purchase wired or battery powered to meet your unique needs. You can also mix and match in the same house.
  • A 10-Year warranty to give you peace of mind.
  • Talks to your phone. You do not have to be in or near the house to get an alert.
  • Hush feature allows you to pause the alarm while you deal with burnt toast or some other minor problem.
  • Meets UL safety standards
  • Batteries not included. This can be very frustrating if you don’t have any on hand when you install the alarms.

If you don’t purchase a combination of gas and smoke alarm, you would need to consider buying two types of alarms.

Having two sets would be an eyesore in your home and twice as many devices to check.

Connecting to your mobile, the Google Nest product will tell you what the problem is and where, so that even if you are not home, you can respond to the alarm.

How easy is it to use?

Easy to use and even providing audible alerts in multiple European languages, this device will let you know where a problem is in your home and whether it is smoke or gas that activates the sensor.

The hush feature and smartphone functionality mean you do not need to be running around looking for a chair to deactivate the phone instead of getting the burnt toast out.

The application warns you when batteries need changing, so you don’t have those annoying chirps that used to get me out of bed with the basic entry-level alarms.

How accurate is it?

It detects both CO gas and smoke, letting you know what you are looking for, which is a big plus. When a loud alarm goes off, it can be challenging to know what to do first, or where to look, given some standard models all have the same loud screeching noise.

google nest protect smart phone functionality

How easy is it to install?

The Google Nest product is easy to install.

Battery power it so it can be mounted anywhere without worrying about environmental considerations or employing the services of an electrician.

There is a wired option if you prefer, and you can mix and match devices.

It connects to the Internet and your mobile effortlessly through the Google Nest software via Wi-Fi.