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Should You Keep Ammunition In a Gun Safe?

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There are a dozen and one reasons to keep your gun in a gun safe, but you are also wondering if you should keep ammunition in a gun safe as well. After all, a bullet won’t fire itself.

The answer to that question is Yes and No.

If you are reading this, you probably have a weapon already or planning to get one. Chances are you are not a trained professional except for visits to the range, and for whatever purpose you need a weapon, you want to ensure safety is adhered to.

Ammunition not properly stored could be extremely dangerous; it can cause accidental deaths if it falls into the wrong hands.

It can pose a severe threat to the lives of firefighters and others in the building in the event of a fire. It could cause choking if discovered by kids. There are just too many safety hazards that come with not storing ammunition properly.

It is not enough to safely lock a firearm away. Storing the ammunition properly is equally as important. Ammunition does not exactly expire, but it can be damaged from improper storage. It can be stored for a hundred years if properly stored.

Ammunition is not to be locked up in just any safe or container. Storage safe for ammunition has to tick some boxes to be considered safe for ammunition storage.

Safe Has to Be Airtight

Ammo can with ammunition

Just like guns, ammunition needs to be kept dry—an airtight storage container controls humidity. Humidity can cause deterioration of ammo. A humid or damp environment is the worst place to store your ammunition. It is therefore important to keep ammunition in a climate-controlled environment where natural conditions like heat and humidity will be regulated. When ammunition is kept in a humid environment, moisture can act with casings and brass, and corrosion. Corroded ammunition is unsafe to use.

Storage Safe for Ammunition Should Be Cool, Dark, and Dry

Ammunition should not be exposed to sunlight as UV light can degrade and destroy ammunition faster than you can imagine.

Safe Has to Be Secure from Intrusion, Especially By Children and Unauthorized Persons

As a gun owner, you are required to store both your gun and ammo out of reach of other persons who could use it for deadly effects. Doing this is an exercise of responsible ownership. The safe for storage must be secured to prevent children, pets, brass, or untrained persons.

A gun safe can be an ideal place to store ammunition because the temperature within the vault is controlled which is suitable for ammunition storage.

Some gun safes have specified compartments for ammo, but if your safe does not, you can still store your ammo in the gun safe.

You can also keep ammunition in an airtight container or ammunition can before storing it in a gun safe. That’s a kind of two-factor authentication storage. However, do ensure there’s no moisture in the cans before sealing them. Firearms must also be unloaded when stored with ammunition.

Another way to double-protect your ammo from humidity is to use a dehumidifier packet to store it.

To prevent rounds of ammunition “popping off" in a fire, getting a safe equipped with fire safety is recommended.

However, some defense experts say it’s not exactly a good idea to store both ammunition and firearms together in a safe. This is because some gun safes do not have temperature control. Instead, they advise storing magazines with the guns but not loads of ammunition.  An imbalance in the safe’s internal temperature can lead to the rounds “cooking off" due to heat and going off on their own.

So, Is It Safe to Store Ammunition with Firearms?

There have been conflicting opinions regarding storing ammunition together with your gun or separately. Each of these views is backed up with its advantages and disadvantages.

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Storing your ammo separately from your gun may leave you vulnerable in times of danger when you need to protect yourself. Imagine having an intruder break into your home in the middle of the night, you can reach for your gun, but unfortunately, your ammo is locked up in the basement. And, of course, it’s not a wise decision to keep a loaded gun in the house.

Before deciding to store your gun and ammo together or separately, there are two things to consider.

1. Do You Live Alone?

If you reside alone, you can store both your gun and ammo together in a safe without the worry of children or unauthorized persons laying their hands on it.

2. How Often Do You Have Visitors?

Storing both your weapon and ammo together might not exactly be a good idea as some visitors can explore and wander. You don’t want to be responsible for someone accidentally hurting themselves or someone else in your home.


If you must store your ammo and firearm separately, it’s recommended that you keep a magazine close to the gun for easy ammo access should you need one.

How and where you store your ammunition in your home is entirely up to you, but Safety should be at the back of your mind.

Still unsure about how to store your ammunition or where in your home would be an ideal storage location for your ammo? You can invite a weapon and defense expert to your home for further consultation.